Model 10E Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
  • Model 10E Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Model 10E Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Thank you for visiting our website. Due to consumer demand and a number of backorders, as of August 1, 2019, I am not accepting additional 10E model orders at this time. If you would like to be wait listed for a mouthpiece, please email us at

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Model 10E: A Mouthpiece Dedicated to the Great Paul "Doc" Tenney 


When Ben was a young boy growing up under the oak trees in Uptown New Orleans, his grandmother would frequently tell him to always respect and remember his elders. Since that time, he has spent a great amount of time learning from the wisdom of my seniors to cherish their memories and incorporate traditional values into his daily life. But there is one opportunity Ben was quite fortunate to have--the opportunity to know one Dr. Paul "Doc" Tenney. 

When Ben first phoned Doc, he was always incredibly welcoming and offered tremendous insight throughout my several hour long “phone visits” with him. Yes, Dr. Tenney taught Ben techniques on how to reface mouthpieces and educated Ben on mouthpiece design, but more importantly, Dr. Tenney was a mentor and an incredibly generous one at that, and we are still surprised at how much time he would dedicate to assisting Ben. Dr. Tenney was not the slightest bit self-serving and wouldn't self-promote himself to save the world. These traits are most exceptional and incredibly rare, especially for someone as accomplished as Dr. Tenney.

When we first decided to dedicate this mouthpiece to Doc, Ben was concerned some might see it as self-promoting. But after great self-reflection, we know our hearts and intentions are pure. Dr. Tenney deserves this debt of gratitude. 

We have placed every ounce of my knowledge, skill, and training into making this mouthpiece worthy of carrying the mighty initials "10E"-- we do not and will not ever take this obligation lightly. While our model "10E" is an exceptional mouthpiece reminiscent of Doc's Jazzmaster, it is still not Doc's work--it is our own. But we firmly believe this mouthpiece will fully reveal Doc's outstanding mentoring and our dedication to the craft.

 About the Model 10E: 

The mouthpiece is fully balanced and is complete equilibrium with itself. Each mouthpiece is extensively hand worked over several days. 

  • This mouthpiece has a truly large chamber, yet it retains a nice level of relative focus and density to its spectral coloration and envelope. 
  • The walls are undercut, but there is a slight squeeze going into the chamber. 
  • The facing curve is moderately resistant on this mouthpiece. 
  • The beak design is based on a standard Otto Link. 
  • The ramp is undercut and the side rails are slightly thinned and balanced. 
  • The tip rail profile is significantly thinner that Dr. Tenney's (this does not make it better; it's different) 
  • The mouthpiece's core sound is that of Dr. Tenney's Jazzmaster. 
  • Our concept of "neutrality" is ever so slightly more brilliant than Dr. Tenney's concept. 
  • Each mouthpiece is handmade and hand adjusted to ensure each piece approaches playing perfection. 
  • All steps are completed in the United States. 
  • Each mouthpiece is made of American hard rubber--there is no plastic in our pieces.
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