Our first two saxophone mouthpiece models will both be for tenor saxophone.

All mouthpieces are 100% hand crafted of the finest plastic-free hard rubber, with the latex/sulfur mix undergoing a proprietary vulcanization process for an ideal acoustical balance. The mouthpieces are then painstakingly hand finished and faced to ensure every detail approaches perfection--these are not production line pieces--our mouthpieces are produced in very small quantities and only dispatched in perfect playing perfection. There is no margin of error on the tip opening and facing curve. This process is very slow, it is completed over several days, and all mouthpieces are double-checked and extensively play tested before being cleaned, sanitized, buffed, polished, and prepared for shipment.

Model "10E"

The first model is the Model 10E, which is a nearly identical copy of Dr. Paul "Doc" Tenney's Jazzmaster. We firmly believe Doc's Jazzmaster was the finest tenor saxophone mouthpiece ever made, and we feel our Model 10E matches it point for point. Doc's Jazzmaster and the Model 10E are both based on the Otto Link Tone Master. A unique facing curve and length truly makes this mouthpiece sing. Doc Tenney was one of the most profoundly knowledgeable mouthpiece artisans our world has ever known--this mouthpiece is our dedication to his greatness.

Tony Dagradi Signature Model

The second model is the Tony Dagradi Signature Model.  The added value of Tony Dagradi's input into this mouthpiece is beyond extraordinary. We strongly recommend you view his website and listen to any (all) of Tony's recordings to gather the full scope of his musicianship and technical virtuosity. He is also one of the kindest and most sincere human beings on the planet.